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Shower Chairs for Your Elderly Loved Ones

The bathtub is among one of the most serious risks for the elderly simply because of its design. Sides are high, surfaces are slippery, water is flowing, faucets are sticking out from the wall – all of these pose risks for geriatrics.

Imagine them struggling with hip arthritis or knee bursitis. First, they should climb to the side, probably trying to keep their balance on a single leg. Then, they have to stand up straight and make sure they don’t slip. With water the mix, everything becomes twice as hard.

Falls in the tub or shower can be prevented. For elderly people with mild to moderate struggles, shower chairs are usually adequate to make bath time safe and comfortable, even soothing! For geriatrics who have mild to moderate struggles, shower chairs are generally sufficient for safe and comfortable bath time, even relaxing! For mild to moderate geriatric struggles, shower chairs are typically enough to keep the bathroom safe and comfortable, if not restful! Above all, the benefits that await seniors come in many other ways like:Most of all, seniors can expect benefits in several other ways, including:On top of that, there are other benefit seniors can enjoy, such as:

Improved Hygiene

There are seniors who refuse baths or showers out of fear that they might fall, particularly if it has happened to them already. If it goes on for too long, their hygiene may be compromised, giving rise to infections and skin problems that ironically may call for extended bathroom time. With a shower, they may be encouraged to play a more active part in maintaining their own personal hygiene.

Greater Independence

Among the main benefits of shower chairs for elderly people is that they help them mind their own needs without depending as much on outside help. Their confidence increases and they are more likely to stay independent while continuing to have that precious “me time” that most of us love during a good bath.

Improved Access to Therapeutic Showers

Among the first recommendations seniors get from gerontologists for their chronic pain or arthritis is to have a warm bath or shower. Warm water is very soothing and promotes lymph drainage, minimizes swelling, and improves circulation. Then again, because they are so scared of bathroom falls, seniors may never benefit from this home therapy in peace. Shower chairs offer a solution to this problem.

Portable Safety

Shower chairs for geriatric users are designed various shapes and sizes. There are those with a swivel board that helps the user get into the tub. If they can bring the chair with them everywhere they go, they will not face risks that exist in environments outside home. As well, portability helps remove fears of getting injured while away or from traveling in general.

We all desire for our senior family members to remain in a safe and healthy environment while being independent for as long as possible. Using shower chairs is one of the best ways to make this happen. Obviously, not all shower chairs are created equal, so it’s important to choose the right manufacturer and seller before buying one.

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