Getting Ahead of the Joneses: Simple Ways to Spruce Up Your Home

You wake up one morning, look around your living room, and decide it’s time for a change. Maybe you visited your neighbor’s home recently and felt envy over the simple elegance of their rooms, or maybe you just feel like freshening up your life. Whatever the reason, here are some simple tips for making an old living room look new.

Ditch the Antiques and Go Contemporary

So that couch in the corner is a family heirloom, eh? Has retro charm, you say? Well unless you’re planning to turn your living room into a museum, it’s time to upgrade to pieces from a contemporary furniture retailer. A simple, sleek, modern look will trump old-school antiques any day, and will make your place look more like a home and less like an indoor yard sale.

Fresh Is Best

Lighten the atmosphere and get some fresh air in the place by putting some plants and fresh produce around the room. Growing some herbs on the windowsill will not only add a touch of rustic charm to your home, it will give you a tasty way to spice up meals as well. Keep a fruit bowl stocked with seasonal fruit, to brighten the room as well as improve your dietary health.