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Steps to Create a Stencil Art on a Promotion Item.

Art made of stencils are repeatable but unique because over/under spray and shading alignment vary slightly with each stencil. You can come up with as many ideas as you can on how to use stencils in your organization. You can open a branding business that uses stencil art. Use these guidelines to create amazing designs of stencils on promotional items of your business.

There are a few things you will have to collect before you get started. Find a few knives sharp enough for cutting different materials. You need a cutting board if you are using a hard surface because if the blade touches a hard surface, there is a high chance that the blade may break. Safety glasses are suitable to wear when spraying and find masks to cover your nose too. A few common household items that can be recycled materials are needed. Find a stencil material such as an x-ray film. Cereal boxes, manila folders or any other material that is thin, flat and easy to cut is appropriate to use. You can buy manual, electric, digital, die-cut and other types of stencil machines.

Prepare the workspace before you start. Assemble all the materials you need near you. The workstation should be clean hence cover the work surface with cardboard and find a waste bin for holding the pieces that remain and other waste. Ventilate the room because of the paint spray. Find a suitable place that the paint can dry faster.

You can choose from the many images the one you like that have no islands. Use software to manipulate an image. Avoid editing the island because only the dark part of the image will be cut out of the stencil material. You can leave out the island of the final image or add another layer.

You should now embark on cropping the image using a soft of your choice to the final size of the stencil that you want. You can add brightness, contract and other colors that you love to your image to make it more attractive and save it.

The image will be dressed and cut when it is finished. Print the image on card stock then carefully cut it with a sharp knife. You can print the image on an overhead projector transparency sheet instead.

Windy spots are not suitable for panting the stencil. Test the spray on a flat piece of paper. Let the paint dry and remove the stencil from the background.

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